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1. Serum

2. Nebra

3. Omsewitz City Lights

4. Trinitatis




ddc\ - a band inspired by the pluralism in contemporary music, creating a dope style by refreshing the old spirit of Funk and Soul, connected with jazzy harmonics, in addition to some fancy electronics and a killing HipHop vibe. This formation is much more than just another jazz trio. It's the future sound of an organic shape wich comes from the darkest rehearsal rooms and concert spaces. Popping up from the underground scene, where the band was playing for over one year now, ddc\ released their first official EP on Dresden based label "Luxury Hechts" in summer 2019. Featuring three open minded guys from the youngest scene in improvised music, ddc\ is the next logical step in jazz nowadays.


released July 5, 2019 
line up: 

Henri Reichmann - drums 
Jonah Roth - guitar 
Vincent Meissner - keys 

released July the 5th 2019 on Luxury Hechts Records 
recorded at Ballroom Studios Dresden by Johannes Gerstengabe in December 2018 
mixed and mastered by Ludwig Barth Februrary 2019


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1.  Lifeless Body

2.  I Could

3.  Your Desert

4.  Interlude

5.  In Your Arms

6.  Moody

7.  Careless


8.  Let Yourself Break



released July 26, 2019


Selma Juhran – Vocals

Ludwig Barth – Bass Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6 (Solo)

Johannes Kellig – Bass Tracks 1, 7, 8 Guitar Track 1

Vincent Meißner – Keyboards Tracks 1, 2 (Solo), 3, 5, 6 (Solo), 7, 8

Kilian Srowik – Guitar Tracks 2, 7, 8 (Solo)

Andreas „AJ“ Jahn – Guitar Tracks 1 (Solo), 3, 6

Jeremias Wagler-Wernecke – Guitar Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 (Solo), 8

Samuel Joseph – Percussion Tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 (Solo) Drums Tracks 5, 7

Florian Anger – Drums Tracks 1, 2, 3 (Solo), 6, 8 (Solo) Percussion Tracks 5, 7 Keyboards Track 7


All Songs are arranged by the whole band.

recorded on 09.03. - 10.03.2019 at ballroom studios Dresden

mixed and mastered by Johannes Kellig & Ludwig Barth



All rights reserved © Luxury Hechts Records 2019

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1.  Homecoming 

2.  Sheesh 

3.  Studies If The Sky III

4.  Blitzpilz

5.  Crocus 

6.  Studies If The Sky IV

7.  Asomatoscopy

8.  Studies If The Sky IX

9.  Falls

10.  Mettschneckchen

11.  No Time For Sentimentality 

12. Dumb As A Brick

13.  Studies If The Sky VI

14. Useless Conversation

15. Polaris 



Released in April 2018, this album is the solo debut of german pianist and composer Vincent Meissner. Combinig structures, textures, colours, this album finds its way between fixed structures and free improvisations on the piano. 


Vincent Meissner - piano/fender rhodes/synthesizer



released April 13, 2018 


recorded February 24. 2018 

mixed and mastered February 25. 2018 


produced by Vincent Meißner



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1. Kleinod

2. Aproptochrom

3. Mutters Fleischtopf

4. Erdbeerstaub

5. Heppenheim Hausgeburt

6. Pusteblumenbrunnen



Sound is our freedom. We feel the power of self-determination attributed to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity. 


Space is our believe. We accept that it is true, especially without proof, feeling sure that space is capable of moving something in humans. 


Music is our determination. We follow the process of establishing something exactly by emotion or feeling with the controlling or deciding of the nature or outcome of our art. 


SKlation is our name. Here we are !



released October 7, 2018 


line up: 


Helene Winkler - cello 

Henri Reichmann - drums 

Vincent Meißner - piano 


recorded 25.06.2018 at ballroom studios Dresden 


mixed and mastered by Ludwig Barth 



all music composed by Helene Winkler/ Henri Reichmann and Vincent Meißner



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1. Spirit

2. Unit Seven

3. Do Nothin` Till You Hear From Me

4. You Don't Know What Love Is

5.  Sambalita

6.  Spinning Wheel

7.  Fünf Viertel Glück

8.  Magic Moments

9.  Summertime

10.  Triple Step

11.  I Wish You Love

12. Ja Aber...

13. I Got Plenty O'nuttin'


  • released 2th of November 2018 on Ballroom Records
  •  (C) 2018 Ballroom Records Dresden






1. Photosphäre

2. Neon Leipzig

3. Along Came Lenny

4. Sternwind

5.  Chromosphäre

6.  Corona

7.  Tokio Nights

8.  Sphere

9.  Six Degrees Of Separation




released December 2018 


line up:


Johann Jakob Winter - oboe

Arthur Kohlhaas - alt/tenorsax

Jakob Kirchner - tenorsax/flute

Jakob Then Berg - bassoon

Johannes Dau - basscl.


Frida Olivia Beck - tr

Shogo Seifert - tr

Jakob Hähnlein - horn/alphorn

Sonja Beeh - trb

Gregor Littke - trb


Johannes Kürschner - violin 1

Lydia Stettinus - violin 2

Filip Sommer - viola quinton

Clara Dietze - cello

Simon Schönfelder - upright bass


Florian Anger - drums

Ada Scholl - drums

Florian Schultz - guitare

Vincent Meißner - piano

Florian Müller - bass

Paula Wünsch - bass


Christine Fischer - vocal

Matthias Boguth - vocal


Clemens Christian Poetzsch - comp/piano

Paul Pauker - comp