Vincent Meißner, born in 2000, is a Dresden based pianist, composer and bandleader.



With 15 years he received gifted musical education at the Dresden music university. Since he moved to Dresden for prestudying music while attending musical high school, he started playing in various ensembles, including some of the best junior jazz formations in Saxony like the „Youth Jazz Orchestra of Saxony“ or the „Dresden BigBand“. Over the last few years he already toured through Germany and Europe with different formations, playing festivals like „Jazztage Dresden“, „Boskovice Jazzfestival“, „XJazz“ or „Bundesweites Jazznachwuchsfestival“. He is working as a leader, band-member or sideman in numerous projects. In 2018 he released his solo debut album „diversity of one-sidedness“ ,  beneath working on different recordings and releases with other ensembles. Over the last years he has constantly been awarded as soloist, or with his piano trio, where he's composing. From free improvisation to avant-garde jazz via experimental music to fusion grooves, Vincent is active in nearly every musical genre.  





2015 "Kunstförderpreis der Stadt Freiberg" - "Friday Night Jazz Orchestra"

2017 1. Preis "Jugend Jazzt Sachsen" -  b.u.m.

2017 "EnviaM Ensemble Förderpreis" -  b.u.m.

2017 1. Platz "BEAT Wettbewerb" - b.u.m.

2018 1.Preis "Jugend Jazzt Sachsen" - Solo

2018 1.Preis "Bechstein Piano Competition" - Solo

2019 1.Preis "Jugend Jazzt Sachsen" - Vincent Meissner Trio

2019 Konzert Preis Jazz Open Stuttgart "Bundesbegegnung Jugend Jazzt" - Vincent Meissner Trio

2019 Förderpreis der Deutschen Jazzunion "Bundesbegegnung Jugend Jazzt" - Vincent Meissner Trio