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Trio Shows & Festivals spring 24

We are hyped to performing several shows in spring including some highlights in our hometowns, great festivals and also my bachelor exam concert in June


10.04. A-Trane Berlin

12.04. Kulturhof Gohlis Leipzig

13.04. Jazztage Freiberg

14.04. Saxstall Pohrsdorf

02.05. Jazzclub Regensburg

03.05. Off Beat Basel 

10.05. Pijazzo Jazzfestival Bayreuth

23.05. Jazzfestival Schloss Elmau

01.06. Klavierfestival Ruhr

05.06. Horns Erben Leipzig

06.06. z87 Würzburg


solo piano 17.02. Leipzig

Vincent meissners nexus flip

 Don't miss "NEXUS FLIP" in January 2024! Between composition and improvisation, the Leipzig based 4tet consisting of Gellért Szabo (git) Timothy Remfrey (dr) Stephan Deller (b) &  Vincent (p) is exploring music beyond cliches. Inspired by the works of Marylin Crispell, Ornette Coleman or Pauline Oliveros, there aim is to focus on deep listening and soundscape.


13.01.24 Donau 115 Berlin

16.01.24 Moritzbastei Leipzig

17.01.24 Blaue Fabrik Dresden

Scrambeld Octopus Vol 1.




An improvised music series for keyboard instruments 


For the first time in this year, the two musicians Gregor Frobes and Vincent Meissner invite two guests for an exciting evening of musical first encounter. Focusing on improvisation, the development of ideas and the making of decisions at the moment, you will hear the sound of four pianos in a concert with changing instrumentations. The first edition will feature two special guest consisting of Leipzig-based Iranian composer/pianist and improviser Hessam Sadeghi and Amsterdam-based jazz pianist from Madrid Adrian Moncada. Together with the hosts, they all invite you to join at Galerie KUB on Saturday 04. 11. 8:00 p. m.


VMT Tour November 2023

We are really excited to present our recent album "Wille" plus some new music on tour this fall! Catch us live in November:


23.11. Mampf Frankfurt

24.11. Stadtkirche Darmstadt

25.11. Loft Köln (live recording)

26.11. Kunsthaus Troisdorf

27.11. A-Trane Berlin

28.11. Theaterstübchen Kassel 

29.11. BIX Stuttgart

The Bodysnatchers live december 2023

THE BODYSNATCHERS are an ultimate piano band. A union of remarkably gifted musicians with clear vision and a refusal to conform to conventions. In recent years, you have played with passion and adventure, set your own rules, and done so with a bold sense of purpose and ingenuity. In addition to an extensive repertoire and own compositions, “The Bodysnatchers” also devotes themselves to adaptations of contemporary pop music from Björk and Radiohead to works by Ligeti, Paul Motion and Thelonius Monk. The trio strives for untiring creativity and excellence so that the individual musicians could delight audiences with their flair at performances all over the world.


07.12. Blue Note Dresden

08.12. Horns Erben Leipzig

09.12. Jazzclub Erfurt

10.12. Saxstall Pohrsdorf

11.12. Hafenbahnhof Hamburg

12.12. Kiste Stuttgart