Vincent Meissner Trio



This focus and engagement is part of something bigger: what the Vincent Meissner Trio is able to do above all is to convince with its fundamental honesty and authenticity. Yes, the trio is being pro-active in determining how it wants to present its art, and also its members as individuals. "It's nice to have people listening to us," says Vincent Meissner, with the live experiences of the last few months very much in mind. He understands his pieces as a framework to be filled, as a space to be walked through as a group together. It is all about conveying impressions of the present beyond words, about evoking emotional experiences which go beyond the tangible moment in a way that is completely natural. "Wille" is an important step forward for the Vincent Meissner Trio, and it already will make listeners want more. This band is well on its way.



“An album with the fresh sensibility that only the generation Z can offer.”


Jazz Life (JP)



„Der Shootingstar unter den jungen deutschen Jazzpianisten. Poesie trifft auf Power.“


Jazz thing (DE)


“Following in the wake of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio and the Bad Plus, the Vincent Meissner Trio gives a youthful injection of spunk to the old piano trio format. It is obviously a combo also in tune with the more recent trends in contemporary music, like Louis Cole. And the interplay among the three is remarkable.”


Something Else! (US)



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“There’s an excitement that runs through Vincent Meissner’s debut Bewegtes Feld“


Downbeat  (US)


„RÉVÉLATION! A European talent to watch out for. Music with incredible density, endless contrasts and a total synergy between the musicians.“


 Jazz Magazine (FR)


„Vincent Meissner setzt mit dem Debütalbum seines Trios ein bemerkenswertes Ausrufezeichen.“